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Premiere Christian Brain-Skill Training
Know what you are doing!

If you have been hoping, praying and waiting for something to be excited about we have news for you! Until recent developments in brain scans we had to wait for you to die then take out your brain to study it. Watching live brains work and learn has shown us what training changes your brain for the better.

THRIVE training was the first to develop training methods to strategically train people and their brain to function at their best. Soon you will see many groups who are just now starting to teach what we have been practicing since 2001. Look at our 19 skills list. We want you to know what you are doing with what matters most!

We restore missing relational brain skills in families, leaders and communities that keep loving people from thriving. We have learned what works and what doesn't then strategically improved our training. We are the first, the best and the most experienced. See how THRIVE works to restore you so you know what you are doing!

Kelley, a successful businessman, was well versed and familiar with coaching, mentoring and training at a corporate level. He attended his first THRIVE in 2009 and was struck with how THRIVE was unlike anything he'd experienced before. He writes, THRIVE has amazing value for changing the brain especially for the amount of money it costs. Over the last four years I have hired a mentor for three days that cost me over $20,000 along with a business coach that costs me $2000 per month. There are tons of very expensive self-help gurus which are excellent, but their material is primarily book smart and theory. Chris and Jen take the hands-on approach to the brain, by building joy, knowing how to quiet and more for essentially 1/10 the cost of regular coaching. Where in the world can you get an all day training course for only $100 a day?

Kelley not only shares his excitement but applies THRIVE training with his children, family, work and church with the goal of changing his generation. To see a video about this amazing training experience that helped Kelley make his relational confidence sizzle, click here.