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Life-Changing Training For Christian Homes
Know what you are doing!

Your husband has wonderful character most of the time but when he's mad you see something else emerge. He cracks, loses it, blows up and burns out. He scares the children. He turns to TV or one too many drinks. He seeks comfort at the computer. You feel alone.

You wonder what he's thinking. You worry what he's watching. Your thoughts race and your stomach tightens. You know the pattern. Possibly you've already caught him in porn but he assures you it's nothing. You're not convinced. THRIVE training equips you to know what you are doing. Read how THRIVE Skill Guides can change you.

Maybe you are the one
anchored in painful emotions. You hope there is more to life than what you currently have. Unless we have key brain skills our best efforts and will power do not sustain us under pressure. Without 19 brain skills we buckle under strain. We can be successful at work and have a lot of friends but who we are on the outside doesn't match our inside. Whether you are the husband or wife who is sinking, now is the time for joyful change!

THRIVE training restores missing relational brain skills so you, your marriage and your family stay in joy.

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Anna wanted more for her children and marriage. She found a friend then registered for THRIVE. Anna was so impacted by the training she returned for six more conferences and has since hosted THRIVE Conferences and Maturity Retreats in her hometown. Anna's life and marriage has never been better. Anna now knows what she is doing. Watch the powerful maturity video to see how THRIVE training changes families.