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Training from the top down:
Improve the gas mileage of your leadership team by increasing your effectiveness with relational leadership. THRIVE is the premiere training that makes you alive and then transforms the community you lead. Discover why relational skills trump good intentions and will power.
  • Pastors, become a joy starter and connect with other pastors and special guest speakers to apply the gentle protector skills, all nineteen of them, in your life and ministry. Learn more about The Pastor's Weekly with Chris Coursey!
  • Participate in the new Joy Starting blog with Carol Brown and Chris Coursey.
  • Equip your team and congregants with the Share Immanuel booklet, the best way to prepare, interact with God for healing and retrain how your mind thinks. As far as we know, Share Immanuel is the only guide that includes how to retrain your mind to apply the healing to your life. Your congregation will thank you!
  • Add to your Share Immanuel training with the Immanuel: Taking Healing To The World CD to hear Chris Coursey provide an overview and introduction to the breakthrough process then be astounded as Wilder reports results from parts of the world with severe trauma. An additional teaching is included as Wilder shows how the Immanuel experience is nothing new to the Christian life but has always had a place in the hymns of the church. 
  • Equip couples with the 19 skill training in a weekend THRIVE Marriage Retreat, one of the more popular ways to introduce THRIVE training to your community!
  • Host a weekend you won't forget and move forward on the often misunderstood yet powerful subject of maturity. Read more!
  • Add your church to list of Life Model churches.

Not Sure Where To Begin? Chris Would Love To Help You!

Training from the bottom up:
Introduce THRIVE training to your church and community even if you are not part of the leadership team! Create the safety to grow and bring the solutions to get you there.
  • Create a solid group identity through synchronized dancing. Order Steps to Joy to see how synchronized dancing takes training to a whole new level.
  • View the Life Model Introductory videos to discover the joy you can bring to your community.
  • Bring the Thriving Recover Your Life program to your church. Learn how this training uses joy, brain science and the presence of Jesus to change communities.
  • Request a free Immanuel training kit as an introduction for your pastor and church leaders.
  • Sign-up for the new THRIVE-at-Home courses to apply THRIVE to your life.
  • Watch how Chris and Jen apply THRIVE Skills to their children.

Training from the inside out:
Use THRIVE training to equip your community and church to effectively reach people who are searching for more. Feel proud to bring visitors to your church to feel the love.

  • Request the Share Immanuel training kit so your pastors and elders discover how bringing people into the Kingdom involves more than sharing doctrine, studying theology or disseminating information. Though these essentials have their place, watch what happens when people begin to experience the God who lives then share what has so drastically changed their life that others must also have the joy.
  • Watch short video clips to learn more about the THRIVE Training.
  • Own the new THRIVE Introductory video set to share with my team.
  • Register for the new THRIVE-at-Home program to start your growth!