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Life Model Works: Joy Starts Here!
Here is the new interactive website to find training, teaching and the new Joy Starts Here forums to start a joy-starting community. The joy starts here!

Joy Starters Blog
Read updated posts from Carol Brown and Chris Coursey, the duo working on a new pastor's book so leaders can start joy in their ministry, family and congregation. Learn more to introduce the power of joy to ingnite your ministry.

Ed Khouri
Developer of the Thriving program for recovery for addictions and trauma based on the Life Model and
THRIVE skills. Rev. Khouri is an internationally recognized teacher, leader and developer of addiction recovery programs, curriculum and training.

Dr. Karl and Charlotte Lehman
This website, provided by Christian psychiatrist Karl Lehman, MD and pastoral counselor Charlotte Lehman MDiv (husband/wife team), provides a wealth of free downloadable documents about emotional healing, in topics ranging from bipolar disorder to psychological defenses to deliverance to spiritual disciplines. The Lehmans report that they have found the THRIVE and LIFE Model teaching to be very valuable, and they have been using it in their ministry increasingly. This influence is already seen in their DVD/VHS teaching on capacity, and is starting to make its way into their writings as well

Immanuel Approach
Here is another website by the Lehmans designed to provide an easy access point for beginners who want to learn more about the Immanuel approach.

Outsmarting Yourself
Outsmarting Yourself will enable you to understand people in your world, including yourself, and give you realistic, psychologically sound, and Christ centered tools for becoming a joyful, life-giving person with thriving relationships.

Deeper Walk International
This Christian ministry used to be known as ICBC, and teaches Life Model related topics and carries some of Chris Coursey, Dr. Jim Wilder and Life Model materials in video and audio format. Deeper Walk has been a friend to us at THRIVE and Shepherd's House for a number of years.

Beatitude House
Matthew and Fawn Bradley use the THRIVE skill training in their work with families who struggle with attachment related problems among a host of other issues.