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JOY Rekindled Marriage Retreats
Like a second honeymoon
The joy we hoped our marriage could bring

Joy Rekindled is based on Scripture and the best in brain science.
Joy Rekindled uses brain-based skill training for a stable identity and marriage.
Joy Rekindled offers healing through the presence of Jesus.
Joy Rekindled relies on joy and peace to build a strong bond with your spouse.
Joy Rekindled trains couples to recognize attachment styles and correct relational patterns that rob joy and intimacy.
Joy Rekindled resolves conflicts through mutual mind practice.
Joy Rekindled teaches the neurochemistry of bonding.
Joy Rekindled creates joyful change.

Bring more joy to your marriage! Attend or host a Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat today. Enjoy a refreshing weekend away with your spouse and experience lasting change. Practice some of the 19 brain-based character skills that enhance your relationship and improve your recovery skills. Interact with Jesus and bring joyful change for your marriage.

The weekend was the equivalent of thousands of dollars worth of marriage counseling.
The Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat was a huge value!

At Joy Rekindled you practice strategic exercises designed to help you rest, bond, heal and grow. You will try a variety of creative activities to take you to the next level in your marriage relationship. You will train your brain so you better tell stories that improve how you communicate and connect with your spouse. You identify attachment styles so you better synchronize and attune with each other no matter the circumstances or topics. You will experience Immanuel healing so you better perceive the active presence of Jesus in your life and marriage. Joy Rekindled starts joy to make your marriage thrive. You experience the training that takes you farther down the road than good intentions, inspiring messages or wishful thinking. THRIVE Training equips you with skills that change bad habits and removes painful patterns all the while helping you build joy and make positive changes to your character that lasts. You create safety and leave a legacy when you live according to your values. Joy Rekindled trains you so you remain proactive rather than reactive with what matters most.

Click here to ask Chris and Jen about hosting a Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat or call 309-367-4020 for more information.
Download a marriage retreat brochure that you can email your friends.

The whole Joy Rekindled Marriage weekend was excellent! I can't wait to share my experience with others!
Husband and Ministry Leader

Proactively remove weeds, emotional clutter and “joy robbers” that hinder you and your spouse of mutual joy and satisfaction. Learn to stay relational and connected on good and bad days. Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreats are for couples who want more.

Many marriage retreats are inspirational but leave you mostly unchanged in the long run. What makes a Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat different from other marriage seminars is the use of right hemispheric skill training, recent discoveries in brain science, the active Presence of Jesus, a solid Scriptural basis, relational circuitry and specific exercises to amplify joy and correct negative patterns. What this means is we are heavy on experiential practice so you learn what is being taught. Based on Joy Starts Here and THRIVE Training, Joy Rekindled offers hands-on exercises, activities, discussion and time set aside for you and your spouse to rest. This retreat is Christ-centered.

Joy Rekindled is designed to run Friday night, Saturday then end Sunday at noon or it can be improvised for a Friday afternoon to Saturday evening schedule. Before attending, we encourage participants to prepare by reading either the Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You book or the new Joy Starts Here book. Chris and Jen recently created a new resource to compliment your Joy Rekindled experience called 30 Days of JOY for Busy Married Couples. Learn more here.

Click here to ask Chris and Jen about Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreats. Let the Courseys help you start some marriage joy!
Download marriage brochure.

Thank you for the Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat! This training has saved our family!
Retreat Couple

In one weekend you experience:

  • Brain-based skill training for a stable identity and marriage
  • Wound healing through the presence of Jesus
  • Couple bond building through joy and peace
  • Interaction to recognize attachment and relational patterns that rob your joy
  • Conflict resolution through mutual mind practice
  • Teaching on the neurochemistry of bonding and more!

There is now hope for having success in our marriage!

Contact Chris and Jen now!

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the THRIVE Marriage weekend. Since we have been home we have seen so much joy in our marriage, we have continued with the 4+ stories and appreciation before we go to bed at night. We just learned so much. Things have really been good since your retreat, we are now sharing what we learned with our children. Thank you again, both of you, Chris and Jen for being so wonderful!!

Read more what people say:

--Joy Rekindled was life-changing!

Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat wife

-Joy Rekindled was a real blessing to both of us; we met some real nice Christian people. My wife and I feel much closer, we enjoying being with each other even more so.

Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat husband

-The Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat weekend was an outstanding experience that will leave a long-term impact on me, my spouse, and our relationship. We have really discovered something here that will help us make changes in our own generation as well as pass on some of the skills to our kids. Thank you very much for sharing with us, helping us and being such a good example! We wish you both the best!

Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat husband and wife

-I think that changed lives are really the only thing that speaks volumes to folks who ask themselves, "Is there any hope for our relationship?" Each and every personal example that you both communicated at the retreat really helped us feel much more at home and less guarded about our own struggles. Thank you for your investment into the wellness of the Lord's people. I think that what was offered was a screaming deal! In my opinion, the weekend was the equivalent of thousands of dollars worth of marriage counseling. I think that value speaks in today's economy. The Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat was a huge value!


-I enjoyed the chance to focus on "us" away from all the distractions of home. I gained momentum to remain relational more of the time with my husband and received helpful training to change problematic areas of our relationship. I had a great time!!

Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat wife

-We were greatly impacted by the exercises, I enjoyed learing more about my husband. The Immanuel exercises were very helpful for us!

Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat wife

-I enjoyed learing about relational circuits and was deeply impacted by how to improve our communication! The opportunities for us to share in a safe environment was wonderful!

Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat wife

-The Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat gave us good tools to use for the future and not just knowledge!


-The Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat was so much better than the class we took at my church, which was just lecture on five love languages. Chris and Jen are good at co-leading, I really appreciated their openness about their own growth process!

Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat wife

-Other marriage retreats have felt like someone's "formula" that worked for them. The Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat was presented by the Courseys who not only understand the material but live this training in their own lives. We really enjoyed experiencing the exercises and hearing the information authentically presented by Chris and Jen!

Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreat husband and wife

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