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Reach Your Potential with JOY Retreats
Take yourself from frustration to hope!

"Maturity means being fully ourselves at every age, in every situation and in every relationship." 
Dr. Jim Wilder, Life Model author

Just below the surface there is a lot of frustration and hopelessness in churches, couples and families because what started out as a dream come true just doesn't work like it should. If you have been reading the Life Model and asking yourself the question, “How do I get this into my community?” Read on.

It only takes one motivated person like you to get a group together and you do not have to be a pastor in order to make a difference. Before the overview section of maturity teaching finished on the first night people have gone from dry to attentive, hopeful and excited as they realize what has been missing and how to find it.

“I’ve never seen a retreat have more impact than your time with us as leaders!!”
Shelly, Norfolk, NE.

Most communities, if they are honest with themselves, know something is missing. After reading The Life Model, readers like you start to see what the solution might be but how do you get others to share your hope and join in? Whether you are the pastor, leader, spouse, counselor or feel the most beat up by life, you can be the one to bring a change to your community. Click here to ask Chris Coursey how to get started or phone him at 309-367-4020.

Reach Your Potential w/ JOY retreats:

  • An easy way to bring change to your community
  • Engage singles, couples and groups
  • Introduce the 19 character skills
  • Take groups to their God-given potential
  • Build joyful community
  • Leave a lasting legacy

You are the person who can bring this hope where you live! You can introduce a maturity retreat to the leadership of your church or group. After Anna called Chris Coursey wanting more for herself, her marriage, family and community he helped her get a maturity retreat started in her community. Because of a maturity retreat Anna’s life has experienced positive change in the form of more joy, a better grasp on why she struggles in specific life areas and an improved ability to handle distress. Anna reports she has more to offer her husband and children. Maturity provided strategic solutions Anna needed. Click here to e-mail Chris or call 309-367-4020 and he will answer your questions and guide you through this process of hosting a maturity retreat.

“This was a great weekend. There was a lot of material and it was well presented. Many asked how we can get another weekend to follow up this weekend? Thank you!” John Lehman
Wellspring Counseling Center, Florence, KS.

What do you receive in one weekend?

E-mail Chris

Reach Your Potential w/ JOY starts Life Model change. Review these options if you want to see a retreat happen in your community.

Have you been hoping for a Life Model start in your community?

"On behalf of our Board of Directors and Staff, we enthusiastically share some insights and feedback from the participants who attended the Maturity Weekend" Mark Elvin - Executive Director of FLIGHT Ministries Edmonton, Canada

-Chris Coursey was relaxed, yet professional, easy to listen to and very knowledgeable.
The examples he shared were very helpful.

-The information helped me remove judgment from people and focus on their needs.

-I appreciated how Chris was able to tie together the physiological aspects of maturity with the spiritual aspects of maturity.

-I benefited from the statement, "If you didn't mature anymore than you are right now, God would not love you less. Value is not tied to maturity."

Maturity is an unexpected solution to troubled marriages, problems with children, addictions, depression, character weakness, spiritual dryness, the list goes on. Jesus offered unexpected solutions throughout His earthly ministry. For example, rather than deliver Israel from Rome's oppression like the rabbis expected, Jesus fed people miracle bread and taught them Kingdom life. Instead of preventing Lazarus from dying like his family hoped, Jesus shows up late and raises His friend from the grave. There are numerous Scriptural examples where Jesus frequently responded to people's problems and needs in unorthodox ways. All too often we Christ-followers look to talk show hosts, magazines and the media to tell us what we need or how to fix what ails us. We even doggedly try to do all the right things in life and still fall short of the results we expect. Maturity is one solution you do not want to miss.    
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Click here to view for a visual introduction to the Maturity teaching slides.