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Not sure about the time and money needed for THRIVE Training?
Wondering whether relational brain skills are for you?
Discover how THRIVE can change your life, marriage and community!

We would love to help you get going at home!

Why attend a retreat when you can find the material in a book or video? THRIVE training strategically separates what you can practice at home from the essentials you can only learn on location with a bonded partner.

Confused where to start or what you need? No problem! Click here and let us help you!

Resources for my church and community
All of us lead in some form but few of us feel like leaders. THRIVE trains you to be an effective leader regardless of your situation or responsibilities. Now we have the resources to help you improve your relational skills and help others at the same time. We can even come to you!

Resources for my marriage and family

  • Practice joy with the new 30 Days of Joy for Busy Married Couples book.
  • Listen to the Share Immanuel CD.
  • Enjoy Wilder's new teachings from the powerful Share Immanuel 2011 Conference!
  • Equip your marriage with a THRIVE Marriage Retreat.
  • Watch Life Model webinars so you better apply THRIVE training to your life, marriage and family.
  • Learn from Dawn C. Bartels as she sings her creative return to joy song, an effective way to help your child, grandchild, niece or nephew return to joy from distress.
  • Practice THRIVE training skills with 52-week THRIVE Skill Guides.
  • Participate in the THRIVE-at-Home program with video teachings and online courses.
  • Watch THRIVE training in action with short video clips.
  • Register for a THRIVE training event.

Don't take our word for the power of this training - we believe that if we sell you the materials to use at home you will want to attend our training and find a way to join us.

Contact Chris for more information.