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One of many benefits THRIVE offers is a daily dose of synchronizing your body while you build a group identity in the form of synchronized dancing.
This is neither a dance contest nor an opportunity to perform. THRIVE dance is fun brain training!

Synchronized dancing is a favorite for THRIVE attendees. Folks just cannot get enough. A good number report returning to THRIVE just for the dance! One husband was skeptical until he tried it for himself. After a bit of practice, he shared, "I was surprised how much I enjoyed the dancing! Mr. Two Left Feet was actually getting it." Besides being healthy and fun, there are numerous benefits to singing, dancing and moving around in a group. In his article Music and the Brain, Dr. Daniel Amen writes, "Singing in the shower may be healing to your brain. Song has long been known to have healing qualities. You can often tell that a person is in a good mood if they are humming or singing. Song is a true joy of life, no matter how you sing."

Singing, worship and praise all have a powerful impact on our well-being and is often used in Scripture as an expression to glorify God! Dr. Amen points out that singing can have a healing effect on the temporal lobes of our brain (regions responsible for music, memory, learning and processing rhythms) and probably our limbic system as well. In his book Making a Good Brain Great, Amen states that music and dancing enhance the right hemisphere and music specifically integrates the whole brain.* The right hemisphere is the home of our brain’s control center that sits atop the brain’s command hierarchy. This center runs the show and has the last word when we feel distressed, so it is a good idea to train and strengthen this area! Why not have fun while you exercise your body and train your brain?

In addition to THRIVE, synchronized dance has been taught at schools, nursing homes and even worship centers in Israel! People in wheel chairs, folks with bad knees or no previous training whatsoever enjoy the group activity. The demand for dance training has been so great we decided to create an easy-to-use dance DVD called Steps to Joy. Steps to Joy includes knee-safe versions for dance steps along with illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions so everyone can join in regardless of previous experience or physical limitations.

Click here to own your copy of Steps to Joy DVD along with the accompanying CD with music and clear dance instructions by Jen Coursey. Let us know if you want synchronized dance training included as a retreat in your church!

Mary Kendall, Co-Founder of The School of Worship in Jerusalem enjoys Steps to Joy. She says, "As a leader and teacher of Davidic Dance, I have found this DVD a valuable tool in our school. It is for everyone of any age. I love how Jen teaches - clearly and slowly. This DVD has excellent warm-ups and even alternative steps for dancers with knee problems. A must-have for every dance group. Even advanced groups will benefit by it as a way to teach the newcomers."

View sample clip: 56k Connection or High Speed Connection

Practice recommended stretching exercises before you attend THRIVE. For a thorough teaching on the Biblical significance of dancing, we encourage you to listen to the Munchies Vol. 7 teaching where Dr. Jim Wilder discusses Worship and Dance.

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