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THRIVE training equips you to change your generation through replacing essential skills that even the best families may miss or overlook. Careful study of how the brain is trained and God's way of life led us to 19 brain-based relational skills that provide the full range of life functions for our minds and relationships. If you feel pushed beyond your limits by someone else's anger, fear or even joy, for example, you know what it feels like when Skill 9 is missing. Perhaps your parents were not fully equipped or lacked the time to practice a skill with you. Whatever the case THRIVE gives you the strategic training you missed growing up and changes patterns that were handed down for generations, all for under $15 a training hour! It's hard to hire a life-coach, counselor or consultant for that price.
Much of the latest trend of techniques and theory designed to make us better parents, effective leaders and competent counselors lacks a solid understanding of the brain’s right hemispheric control center. This leaves those of us trying to apply their methods empty and disappointed. We liken ministries, businesses and Christian leaders to farmers looking at plows. 
They look for better and better plows but never notice that when the person with a tractor sells his plow to a man with a mule it does not work the same. We thrive when we build emotional capacity or, as Jim DeGolyer, a missionary from Ecuador, puts it, we need “right-hemispheric leadership development." For this reason, THRIVE has the vision to develop the capacity of leaders, pastors, counselors, teachers and ministers, not just improve their tools.

Everything from parenting to leading and counseling depends on a mature, peaceful and synchronized nervous system. Each full day of THRIVE provides strategic, hands-on brain training to free you from fears and emotional struggles that waste your life. THRIVE equips you in Immanuel training with relational circuit practice. THRIVE provides a careful design for you to rehearse, apply and transform your joy capacity, quieting skills and speed-up your return to joy time. THRIVE equips you to know what you are doing so you pass on best of yourself to your children, grandchildren and community. Learn 5 reasons why Christians need relational brain skills.

You may be disappointed by the results you have seen from seminars and even spiritual experiences in the past and you know something must be missing. You may have learned wonderful ideas, felt deeply moved, inspired, anointed and even healed. Your desire to change has never matched your ability.
There may be something missing that words and will alone cannot achieve. THRIVE is for people who want more. THRIVE offers three skill training tracks that grow in complexity along with one yearly applications track that is open to anyone regardless of previous experience. There are two available steps to THRIVE. One includes the materials you complete on your own while the second is the hands-on training you experience during THRIVE.
The THRIVE-at-Home program provides theory and teaching with a "classroom" style of learning that includes DVD teachings and online curriculum. Then, you gain strategic "field experience" with hands-on, experiential training when you attend THRIVE. Read more about each track and how to prepare.
THRIVE friend Scott Jolley interviewed THRIVE creators along with staff members, respected colleagues, friends and attendees at the Share Immanuel event. Scott spent time asking about joy, the Immanuel lifestyle, relational circuits and life changes people have experienced while applying the Life Model, THRIVE, Thriving and resources by Dr. Karl Lehman to their lives. Scott then wove these interviews into six segments. Each piece tells a story while the interviews provide a creative taste and explanation from those living, applying and creating this life-giving training. View the videos below by clicking the links to a vimeo site where you can enjoy each segment.
The Science of Joy
Life With Joy
The Immanuel Process
What Is Joy
Living in God's Presence

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