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Premiere Leadership Training
Know what you are doing!

How many people do you know who were just excellent when the next thing you know they wrecked their life? (Skill 17) How many crashed and burned? (Skill 12) Who do you know that ended up divorced or even committed affairs or suicide? (Skill 11) Maybe this hasn't happened to you but you feel drained and tapped out. THRIVE refills you with joy and restores you so you revive others.

THRIVE training exists to restore the missing relational brain skills in families, leaders and churches that keep loving people from thriving. THRIVE skills equip you to know what you are doing and pass it on. Look at the skills you need to THRIVE then put 19 skills in your mission!

If the people coming into your office feeling hopeless and discouraged drain you then something is missing. If you used to confidently think to yourself about difficult people, "Bring them on!" but now you feel like you need a seven-year sabbatical you're crashing. If you would like to still be leading when you are 70 and not burned out somewhere thinking about the good old days the 19 skills will get you there. THRIVE drains built up strain and replaces your secret fears with peace. Read more about THRIVE.

If you do not recover from shame messages in under 90 seconds come to THRIVE and know what you're doing. If you're really getting interested here's your chance to:

  • Contact Chris for answers.
  • Look at the five levels of pain THRIVE resolves.
  • Watch The Perils of Low Joy Pastoring series here.
  • Discover the power of the Thriving: Recover Your Life program.
  • See what makes THRIVE different from other solutions out there.
  • Feel the difference a THRIVE Maturity Retreat makes for your community.
  • Give your peers a copy of the Life Model book to introduce THRIVE training.
  • View the new THRIVE lectures and register for the THRIVE-at-Home program.

More joy! More skill! Fewer conflicts! More community! Know your 19 skills!

Roger, a successful leader who runs his own private practice heard about THRIVE. He attended and loved the training so much he said, I have attended and participated in hundreds of seminars, conferences, and workshops over the time-line of my career. I have never been impacted in the manner in which I was through THRIVE. It has changed my life forever. THRIVE will remain a part of my continued growth and development for the rest of my life. Thank you so very much for such a memorable, life changing experience and opportunity!

Attend the training that changed Roger!
Designed to restore you!
eave a brain legacy!

Read more about how THRIVE trains you to know what you are doing!