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Track One - Joy & Quiet

The fun begins at Track One where you learn how thriving is directly related to how well you synchronize your personal and relational rhythms. Thriving is the visible sign of a well-synchronized life. Being disconnected and off-line will tire us out and reduce our energy level. Track One provides a solid dose of joy & quiet training combined with an introduction to many of the 19 brain skills. You will practice Immanuel moments and learn how to restore your relational circuits, and much more. In Track One you build joyful skills to grow!

It is important to recognize that the first year of training in joy and quiet can make people quite aware of the missing love and attachment in their lives. We purposely do not try to provide or create temporary bonds and relationships at THRIVE to fill this need. Our goal is to strengthen existing bonds so bring someone with you! Building joy can trigger pain if you recently experienced loss or feel lonely.

Maturity Preparation
Maturity is crucial for each track of THRIVE. For Track One, people at an infant level of maturity or with very limited capacity to return to joy may have extreme difficulty with several of the exercises. For this reason we advise you to bring a partner, spouse, co-worker, church brother or sister, prayer partner, spiritual family member, or someone you trust. Because THRIVE is based around affectionate fellowship and strengthening of bonds, you will glean more from THRIVE if you share the experience with someone you already share a bond with no matter how mature you are. Otherwise the exercises can bring up many feelings that are hard to process alone. Please do not try to attend THRIVE without a bonded partner. Read more about maturity.

Materials Preparation
If you want to learn how to play the violin, climb a mountain or pick up golf, you need to prepare. You begin with careful study and review of the essentials in order to successfully learn about your new hobby. Eventually, you need to pick up the violin and practice. Sooner or later you have to grab that golf club and hit the ball down the green. At THRIVE we want you fully prepared before you attend. It is for this reason you have two ways to learn the training. Step One includes reading materials and videos along with online curriculum to apply the theory to your life. These materials ensure you have the Scriptural and theoretical basis for the hands-on practice with your bonded partner at THRIVE. Step Two begins as soon as you arrive at THRIVE. The first block starts with hands-on training and exercises. There is no time for teaching or application during the training. Each training track has specific steps for preparation. Below is the list for Track One.

Track One preparation (prior to attendance):
1) The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You book by Frieson, Wilder, Bierling, Koepcke, Poole
2) A personal assessment of your earned matu
rity based on the above book or chart here.
3) Joy and Quiet: Track One DVD Lecture Series* & THRIVE at Home online course. (Each person needs their own course.)

Recommended (but optional) preparation
- Introduction Series: Introducing the Life Model DVD* & THRIVE at Home online course. Read the benefits of this course.
-The Complete Guide to Living with Men book by Dr. Jim Wilder
-Share Immanuel booklet by Coursey and Wilder

*Although each person needs to finish the online courses individually, you can share the DVD teachings to save $.

Why the prep work?

We are glad you asked! Some of you may feel intimidated looking at the preparation list. Simply, you have 2 methods for learning. You have your "classroom" work then you have your "learning lab" to give you the best possible experience during THRIVE. We offer both formats to help you assimilate the information then learn the skills so you can grow plenty of joy during THRIVE. The goal of the preparation is to supplement some of what you will not receive during your training time at THRIVE, specifically bonus teaching, theory, application and an opportunity to meet other attendees before you arrive with your bonded partner. Studies demonstrate that learning works best when you practice a new skill and learn information at the same time. We want you to have a foundation in place before you learn the skills and hear information during THRIVE. We hope you will be able to complete both sets of preparation options, and if time is an issue, then simply move through the course at your own pace. We provide the ideal prep steps and you can respond according to your own schedule and capacity. Take a look at the videos and courses here to see what specific sections will help you in Track One.

These materials are available through the Life Model Website
Click here to purchase THRIVE-at-Home packages (video set with course) or individual courses.

Track Two - Return to Joy

Now that you have practiced one full year’s worth of joy and quiet, you are ready to tackle Track Two. Here you discover how the painful failure to thrive impacts your life and relationships. Failure to thrive means lives spent in pain, fleeing pain, or rigidly avoiding any risk of pain. This failure to thrive emerges from a badly developed and poorly trained control center. Recovery consists of identifying the breakdown in the growth process and repairing the disruptions. We will learn what happens when we fail to keep our personal and relational rhythms synchronized. In Track Two you will bolster your ability to employ the 19 skills. 

Year two RECOVERY requires more capacity from participants. Each participant will need experience with joy and have enough capacity to deal with unpleasant feelings like sadness, anger, fear, disgust, shame, and hopeless despair in moderate doses. We will teach a cohesive approach and introduce simple repair skills. Track Two is for those who have previously experienced the joy practice at THRIVE Track One as well as the Basic THRIVE Skills skill guide. In Track Two attendees enjoy daily Preparation Groups as part of the 5-day training. These are blocks set aside for attendees to discuss and identify how Skill 12, Acting Like Myself, relates to Scripture and each basic emotion the brain knows. This kind of training helps us develop a powerfully clear sense of our true identity and how it still works when we are upset or suffering.

Participants generally maintain child or higher maturity, even though they may have remedial work to do with returning to joy from the big six emotions. This training is designed for bonded partners so be sure to bring a safe partner you trust. 

Track Two preparation:
1) The Complete Guide to Living with Men book by Dr. Jim Wilder
2) The Developing Mind by Daniel Siegel, or Parenting From The Inside Out by by Siegel & Hartzell (Parenting is an easier read)
3) Basic THRIVE Skills, Mastering Joy and Rest 52-week skill guide
4) Return to Joy: Track Two DVD Lecture Series & THRIVE at Home online course. (Each person needs their own course.)

Recommended (but optional) preparation
-JIMTalks Volume 24 by Dr. Jim Wilder here

Note: You will be asked to show your completed Basic THRIVE Skills, Mastering Joy and Rest skill guide if you want a certificate of attendance.

Siegel books are available through
The rest of these materials are available through the Life Model Website
Click here to purchase THRIVE-at-Home packages (video set with one course) or individual courses.

Track Three - Applied Strategy

Turning back after hiking most of the way up a mountain when you are so close to your goal is less than satisfying, especially when you can see the peak is within reach. While Track Three is a stiff climb in relational skill training, attendees report Track Three as their favorite track because it ties together all of their previous skill training once they discover brilliant solutions to pain. At Track Three attendees learn how to clearly recognize and address the painful deficits that result from a desynchronized control center. For example, you learn to distinguish Level 3 fear from Level 2 fear. Making this distinction will determine whether people feel comforted and "seen" or disconnected and alone. 

Training focuses on how to pass on the skills to others, how to enhance your nonverbal skills and how to distinguish and resolve specific pain at each of the five levels of the brain’s command center. At Track Three you not only practice the 19 skills but you train attendees in Tracks One and Two. See the five levels of pain.

Track Three is for individuals who function primarily at an adult level maturity or higher. We carefully designed THRIVE to prepare attendees for this level of training after two years of actively building joy, practicing return to joy skills with the big six as well as complex emotions. Your THRIVE Facilitator will train you in mindsight, heartsight, resolving the five levels of pain and more.

Track Three preparation:
1) Joy Starts Here: The Transformation Zone book by Wilder, Khouri, Coursey and Sutton
2) Intermediate THRIVE Skills, Mastering Returning to Joy 52-week skill guide
3) Applied Strategy: Track Three DVD Lecture Series & THRIVE at Home online course. (Each person needs their own course.)

Recommended (but optional) reading
Outsmarting Yourself book by Karl Lehman, M.D.
-The Anxious Organization book by Jeffrey A. Miller

Note: You will be required to show your completed Skill Guide in order to participate in all training exercises and receive a certificate of attendance.

Siegel and Miller books are available through
Wilder materials and Skill Guides are available through the Life Model Website
Click here to purchase THRIVE-at-Home packages (video set with one course) or individual courses.

Attention:  A Life Model Works staff member may call to verify that you are prepared for the training. This telephone call is to ensure your THRIVE Training will be a blessing rather than overwhelming and/or too strenuous. We may check your resources as well. 

Track Four Application – Diagnosis and Response

Track Four includes complex multilevel problems like addictions, organizational dysfunction, leadership failures, dissociation, marriage/family, blended families, narcissism, borderline, emotional healing ministry and more. Track Four advanced training is available for attendees without attending the first three years of capacity training. You will be able to learn direct applications of emotional capacity building. A lack of right hemisphere emotional capacity causes people to lose their internal synchronization and do foolish things, waste energy, and become anxious, fearful, resistant, and evasive. At Track Four we assume all participants know and can contribute to the training material from their own experience in ministry. Each year will be something new for Track Four attendees!

THRIVE provides training and teaching for a life that is free from the fears and emotional struggles that waste so much of our time and resources. THRIVE aims to produce mature followers of Jesus who are full of His joy, peace and character strength. This time of intensive study and application will let individuals and leaders learn to develop the capacities of their nervous systems and those of the people in their family, church and community. 

Materials are available through the Life Model Website