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Chris and Jen Coursey created the new Thirty Days of JOY handbook so that busy married couples thrive. If you are like most married couples, your plate is full. Your calendar is booked. Your to-do list is long. Somewhere in the middle of all the hurry and flurry many couples feel their marriage has lost some flavor.

Whatever your situation, this interactive handbook is designed for fifteen minutes of practice each day. Every exercise uses elements of Life Model Works brain and character skills, the Immanuel Lifestyle and more to transform your marriage. Each exercise contains instructions, bonus questions, Chris and Jen’s thoughts and additional resources.

Whether you need a refresher or a makeover, Thirty Days of JOY feeds your marriage and leaves you feeling treasured and motivated.

30 Days of JOY:

  • Brings you closer.
  • Refreshes your marriage.
  • Uses creative exercises to start joy.
  • Guides you to achieve deeper intimacy.
  • Trains you to be more relational and available.
  • Directs you to develop the marriage of your dreams. 

30 Days of Joy
for busy married couples

Thirty Days of JOY is an excellent introduction to the Life Model Works resources and a valuable follow-up to the Joy Rekindled Marriage Retreats. You are created for joy! More

Joy Starts Here
the transformation zone

Joy. From the moment we're born we search for it but always seem to come away empty. What is it? How can we get it? Is it even possible?

It's here! Authors E. James Wilder, Ed M. Khouri, Chris M. Coursey, and Shelia D. Sutton take us through the exciting steps of finally being able to find real joy in our lives. Real joy is attainable; it is able to be grown and cultivated. When real joy is found, it can change families, schools, churches and the world. 
Arguably the most important book written on this topic, this could be the beginning of a joyful revolution, a new way of life for us all. Joy Starts Here.

The book includes 9 weekly Bible studies, assessments, joy building activities and group exercises. Are you ready for the transformation zone? Read this groundbreaking book as part of a study group.

Joy means we are glad to be together. Smiles appear and faces light up. Joy, when shared, produces strong bonds and loving relationships. The painful absence of joy leaves us disconnected, dry, even depressed. We crave joy for our relationships. When your group builds joy, transformation happens! More.

THRIVE Lecture Series: Track 3
Applied Strategy

Continue THRIVE training in this concluding lecture series with Dr. Jim Wilder, genius behind the Life Model and the necessary skills for strategic interventions for the five levels of pain in the brain. Dr. Karl Lehman demonstrates actual healing from various levels of pain.

Applied Strategy teaching guides participants through the five levels of pain and discusses synchronization and possible intervention. Hurt people and those living with or recovering from addictions in their families need to know how to find their way back to joy.

The Applied Strategy training in year three of THRIVE SKILLS, 5 day training program, is a must for successful facilitation of any Thriving: Recover Your Life program. Get ready to lead Restarting, Belonging and Forming modules from the Thriving: Recover Your Life by learning the five levels of pain, synchronization and interventions. Prepare for THRIVE Track III as these lectures are prerequisites to attending that program.

Order Now!
More THRIVE-at-Home

Save $$ when purchasing a package of Track III- Applied Strategy 5 DVD set and register for the new six lesson THRIVE-at-Home Applied Strategy online course! The new online course is designed to help you apply the powerful teaching you are exposed to in this video set. Begin learning how to overcome the five levels of pain by ordering the package today. Click here.

THRIVE Lecture Series: Track 2
Return to Joy!  

The amazing THRIVE Track II lecture set is taught by Dr. Jim Wilder in a causal conversational way as though he were explaining to you personally how to find the relational brain processes needed to return to joy when things go wrong. More than six hours of teaching guide you through the five levels of brain synchronization and how the loss of synchronization at any level can hurt. Bonding, fear bonds, loss of control, sin, addictions, immaturity and deception all lead us back to a need to have strong relationships with God and others.

Partners, parents, teachers, home-schoolers, pastors and leaders need to know how to recover from pain and stay steady under pressure. Recovery groups, hurt people and those living with addictions in their families need to know how to find the way back to joy. You will want to listen to these lectures several times and share them with family, friends, teachers and leaders you know.

Take your learning even further with detailed discussions, fellow learners and meaningful applications by purchasing the kit with online course registration included that goes with this lecture set.

THRIVE Lecture Series: Track 1
Learn about Joy and Quiet!  

You asked. We listened. For the first time every THRIVE Track One presentation is now on DVD in the new Year One - Joy and Quiet lecture series. Year One - Joy and Quiet teaching content is now expanded to better explain the theory that is also used in the breakthrough Thriving Recover Your Life program. Each of the 6 lectures were filmed outside of the THRIVE Training setting to be sure every topic had the time it needed. Dr. Wilder’s wisdom is at your fingertips. You can play the lectures over and over to enjoy every bit of content then share the joy with everyone you love! Wilder, the genius behind THRIVE, gives you 6 powerful lectures on 3 DVDs that add up to captivating presentations that leave you saying, “Wow!”  

Introduction to THRIVE is your first teaching followed by 5 more lectures including the dynamic Five to THRIVE concepts with Joy, Quiet, Return to Joy, Maturity and The Heart. The nearly 6 hours of teaching, along with the new THRIVE-at-Home online courses, are a major piece to prepare you for the new 5-day THRIVE Training this July. Learn what you are doing before you practice the brain skills at THRIVE!  

The Joy and Quiet Track One Lecture Series on DVD is only $195. We want to equip you with the skills to THRIVE and one of the best ways you can start is to learn the principles at home. Better yet, you and someone you love can share the DVD lectures and enjoy the savings.

THRIVE Lecture Series
Introduction to the Life Model
Five lectures by Dr. Jim Wilder plus the Future of Recovery by Ed Khouri.

This amazing four DVD set answers your questions about the theology, philosophy, brain science, developers and applications for the Life Model. Now here are the answers in a low-key lecture format and no hype! You get Jim Wilder answering like he would if you invited him into your living room for private lessons on the Life Model and thriving. You also meet Dr. Karl Lehman, Chris and Jen Coursey, Ed Khouri, Pastor Darrell Brazell and see where you and your church fit. Here is what you get:

Six lectures on four DVDs.
-Principles that created the unique blend in the Life Model.
-What is causing Western Christianity to lose its power to change character and what can you do about it?
-How do we train the brain’s control center to overcome stress?
-What are the 19 relational brain skills and how are they trained?
-How does training change the brain differently from what learning does to it?
-How do we put the missing maturity and relational skills back into our communities?

2011 Share Immanuel Evenings Audio CD with Dr. Jim Wilder

Disk One
1. Wednesday Night – Partial recording (29 min.)
2. Thursday Night (44 min.)
Disk Two
3. Friday Night (52 min.)

Listen to profound teachings by Dr. Jim Wilder during each of the three open evenings of the THRIVE Track IV Share Immanuel 2011 Conference! Recordings were found for every evening except the beginning of the first night. After listening to Wilder, attendees demanded this resource be made available! Several reported feeling like they were on “holy ground” during Wilder’s heart-felt sharing. Enjoy a spontaneous blessing from Wilder as he releases the crowd one evening with the Lullaby In Jesus' NameOrder Now!

Share Immanuel Healing booklet

Dr. Jim Wilder and Chris M. Coursey wrote this 21 page, full color booklet as a simple and attractive way to share Immanuel healing with others. Share Immanuel is illustrated with flowers, thorns and personal examples that guide you through the three simple stages of an Immanuel healing experience. You learn the best way to prepare, interact with God for healing and then retrain how your mind thinks. Most prayer ministry training teaches only the interaction with God and little if any about the best ways to prepare. As far as we know, Share Immanuel is the only guide that includes how to retrain your mind to apply the healing to your life. Read More!

Share Immanuel Healing CD

This CD is a companion to the Share Immanuel: The Healing Lifestyle booklet.

Immanuel healing was introduced in 2008 making ministry simpler and safer. Now the 2010 revision makes Immanuel easier for anyone to share with friends and neighbors. Coursey provides a clear overview and introduction. Wilder reports of results from parts of the world with severe trauma and then goes back to show how the Immanuel experience is nothing new to the Christian life but has always had a place in the hymns of the church. Click here to view the new Immanuel: Taking Healing To The World CD by Coursey and Wilder!

19 Skill Reminder Cards

Bring the 19 skills everywhere you go! Hold, carry and share the 19 skills in the form of a glossy, front to back colorful postcard! This easy-to-carry card is a creative way to share the 19 skills with friends and family, even a useful reminder to practice the skills yourself! You can effortlessly place this card in your Bible, a book, even your back pocket!

Each full-color postcard is heavy 14pt CS2 card stock with gloss coating with 4x6 edge-to-edge color. These are high-quality cards with rounded corners so they easily slide into pockets and purses. Each of the 19 skills is placed on the reminder card with definitions and pictures that attractively convey each skill. These cards are a handy way to initiate conversation and share how relational brain skills change lives! Click here to order

Advanced THRIVE Skills: Strategic Mastery

Year Three Skill Guide is a bold approach to help you propagate the 19 brain skills through strategic exercises and activities. You learn to address complex issues including attachment pain and unprocessed implicit memory content that rob your joy and peace. In Strategic Mastery you have plenty of practice for returning to joy, acting like yourself, utilizing Godsight, dealing with the sark along with some innovative ways to use Skill 15, Interactive Quieting. The biggest addition of this workbook is Skill 18, where you practice Intervening where the brain is stuck. You learn to utilize strategic solutions to your pain and the pain your loved ones experience.

Chris and Jen included the Belonging Attachment Pain and Cravings Checklist, Immanuel healing, as well as Relational Circuits information. These invaluable additions take THRIVE training to another level. Use Strategic Mastery and begin changing your generation! Read More!

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