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For your brain:  One advantage of THRIVE is the identification of your pain and corresponding loss of synchronization in the brain. We teach a clear diagnostic approach to repair synchronization so you avoid passing pain and problems onto your family and community.

We do not spend a lot of time thinking about our car’s engine until something bad happens or we forget to add essential elements to keep the engine running. If the oil leaks, transmission fluid runs out or a belt breaks, the engine stops.  We then quickly invest ourselves into finding a solution to our crisis. We call auto repair shops and ask for help. Similar to a car engine, our brain functions best when each section works
in unison. When our brain fails to synchronize and ‘run’ like the car engine, we experience pain, disorganization and turmoil. Unlike a car engine that can be replaced, we have one brain and body - this side of heaven. Like the engine that requires attention and maintenance, we are good stewards when we invest in our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. We do well to take care of our ‘temples’ and do our best to stay physically and emotionally fit from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet. [i]  When it comes to our brain, why wait until there is a problem? If there is a problem, why delay in finding a solution? 

One of our goals at THRIVE is to introduce practical steps you and your people can take to increase your emotional capacity and to give you the experience of joy, quiet, returning to joy from unpleasant emotions and the remaining 19 skills. Small steps can go a long way when it comes to your health and your brain. When you invest in the THRIVE program you sign up to learn the 19 skills we all rely on to be our best. These skills let us remain life-giving and relational during suffering and adversity. Because the brain learns largely through visual and auditory means in addition to experience, we encourage you to bring your personal people so you can strengthen your bonds and fortify your emotional resilience. Read life-changing stories from THRIVE. Learn more through the new Life Model video series.

For your marriage:  Durable, successful marriages are those where each person invests in reaching his and her potential both individually and as a couple. We want to support you with numerous ingredients for you to add into your marriage to spice up, enhance or rectify it. We coach and prepare you to be active participants who encourage and motivate each other into perfection. By perfection we do not mean without flaw, though that would be fantastic, rather we are talking about fullness and completeness.  This is maturity. If you have ever been apple picking, it is similar to finding the apples that are ripe for the picking.  You know what the apples look like when you see them. They aren’t too young, nor are they too old.  The fruit has reached its moment of glory and promise. Reaching your potential is what we desire for you and your marriage. This happens not only by what you say to one another, though your words are vital to the process, but by living, breathing and experiencing full life together in Jesus Christ. Your words  
should be life giving and your interactions should end in joy and peace. Whether you are newly married or veterans, THRIVE is the forum for you to jumpstart your progression into perfection. Read life-changing stories from THRIVE.

For your children and family:  THRIVE is an opportunity for parents, grandparents and families to acquire indispensable skills that promote healthy families and raise children with strong, secure identities. THRIVE offers parents and families the chance to strengthen their bonds and learn skills that facilitate joy and maturity. Watch Chris and Jen apply THRIVE training with their boys.

As parents, each of you has the potential to pass on your talents, skills and maturity to your child.  Children emotionally inherit what parents possess; this may be good or bad news for you. 
Parents with a lot of joy cannot help but share the wealth with their children. Parents who regulate their emotions and remember who they are when upset provide safety and security for their children. This example conveys, “I’m upset but I still want to be close to you.” However, if I have not yet learned how to rest then I am not a candidate to teach my children rest and quiet. If I remain emotionally distant and dismissive when I should draw near then odds are high my children will follow suit. If my spouse and I habitually argue and disputing erupts with shouts and curses, my children have this example for conflict resolution and the result is neither fulfilling nor fruitful. Come to THRIVE so you can have an effect on your personal people that benefits and inspires them to be their best. This training facilitates and trains to increase your effectiveness as parents and role models. Examples always trump words and THRIVE trains your character to make a difference in those you love. Read life-changing stories from THRIVE. 

For your heart:  Jesus Christ is in the business of changing our hearts. Having a healthy heart is crucial to seeing, hearing and experiencing our Lord in our daily lives. What a wonderful concept! Sometimes lies, hurt, fear, anger and demanding schedules distract us from the intimacy we long for with God and His people. Some of us can use a ‘tune up’ at the least and a makeover at the most in our Christian existence and relationships. Others need direction from like-minded brothers and sisters in the faith to find useful steps to experience God as a personal reality. Many believers know God is near but they fail to hear His voice. We may understand God is with us but we feel He’s distant or indifferent. Join us at THRIVE where you will discover practical exercises and training for you
to bolster your confidence and enrich your walk with God. This conference, now over six years old, offers creative ways to bring home ancient wisdom in a practical format. Based on the Life Model, Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You, THRIVE can be the impetus that will provoke maturity and ignite joy and peace into your life and relationships. God works wonders when we fellowship with Him and His people. When you participate with us at THRIVE, you join a group of dedicated people who are invested in helping lives be transformed one heart at a time. Read life-changing stories from THRIVE.

For your church:  We find it admirable for followers of Jesus Christ to inspire others not only in word but in action, behavior and lifestyle. Jesus spent countless hours preaching and even more time living what He preached. One of the blessings of THRIVE is the experience you acquire, not just the theory you understand. Many Christian conferences and seminars offer moving and meaningful lessons on how to live, parent and recover. We recommend you learn as much as you can from Christian teachers and speakers. However, we propose that in addition to hearing “how to” we benefit greatly from doing and experiencing  what is being taught. THRIVE is experiential-based and designed to add substance to your
Christian walk. Your walk includes every facet of your existence – parenting, marriage, work, ministry and worship. As believers in Jesus Christ we are not exempt from trials, hardship, turmoil, conflicts, pain, emotions or failures. In fact, in addition to Jesus, Peter warns us ‘fiery trials’ will come and we should not be surprised when they show up on our doorstep. THRIVE prepares you and your people by nurturing relationships, joy, peace, better brains and healthy hearts. We should be full of life not only in theory but also in practice. If hardship visits us we can be like our Lord who was a source of life, hope and inspiration to those who observed, heard and visited Him. He drew others to Himself and we can draw others to Him by our lives. Read life-changing stories from THRIVE. Buy the new THRIVE teaching videos where Dr. Jim Wilder unpacks the Life Model.

Another reason for your church to invest in this training is that the current model Christian churches and American ministries rely on has a serious flaw – they fail to change character. Turn on the news and you’ll hear disaster stories of how respected leaders fall into immorality and destructive behavior. Tragedy of this magnitude negatively impacts the church and community. Fallen leaders are the result of contaminated bonds and flawed maturity. When bonds are neither healthy nor strong and maturity is lacking people buckle under stress, strain and even success. If you do not recognize the need then you will not discover the solution, even if the answer is under your nose. 

What else does THRIVE and the Life Model training accomplish?

The Life Model is a very powerful and yet simple-to-use model that takes into consideration spiritual, medical, family, social and psychological effects and resources for recovery.

The Life Model produces many positive and life-changing benefits. Below are just a few:

The Life Model applies the new generation of neuroscience discoveries for practical applications to urgent needs.

The Life Model forms individuals and generates essential Life Skills for relationships. By one single process it produces both a personal and social identity. The Life Model restores personal identity by transforming the quality and dynamic of relationships.

The Life Model awakens the neglected potentials of the brain and the soul. It makes deficiencies apparent.

The Life Model teaches people under pressure how to experience joy in their relationships with God and others, which enables them to develop essential Life Skills.

The Life Model instructs people how to discover and develop their missing Life Skills in a way that strengthens and restores the community around them. This Model re-introduces the skills necessary for a peaceful, joyful life that can, under pressure, handle problems well and develop maturity.

The goal of the Life Model is maturity, which is a growing, increasing capacity to handle stresses and develop into a stable, capable person. This maturity is solid, growing, and expansive. Since maturity applies to all developmental tasks, it applies from vulnerable infants to disintegrating communities.

The Life Model teaches how to receive healing that leads to peace. It enables people to recover quickly when something goes wrong.

The Life Model replaces what violence, neglect and loss have kept one generation from passing to the next. It provides a roadmap for natural and spiritual families to nurture resilient children.

All of these skills are transmitted from generation to generation by those who have learned to incorporate them.

THRIVE consists of an environment and opportunities for you to experience what is being taught so learn the skills and develop the capacity to use them. This training program lets you receive teaching and training to help you be the person you desire to be. To learn more about the value and theory behind this training, click here to visit the Life Model website. Click here for more to bring home for my family.

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[i] Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's.