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Pastoral Training with Rev. Chris M. Coursey

Due to his full writing and traveling schedule Chris is only accepting appointments for pastoral ministry on a case by case basis. For referrals, visit the new Immanuel Network Directory at the Immanuel Approach website here. If you are a leader, consider the new Roundtables and Chris Coursey's YouTube page for more.

Pastoral Training Ministry
Besides speaking and training, Chris Coursey offers personal, intensive pastoral ministry for leaders, couples and families using the Life Model, Immanuel healing and THRIVE Training skills. Because pastoral ministry does not replace community, Chris trains support teams who are already in place to better help you reach your goals.

Chris specializes in working with leaders who want more joy, more peace and less fear in their lives. Chris works on maturity-related issues that rob individuals, couples and groups from thriving. Growth and recovery lead to a life that is defined by joy, peace, clarity and satisfaction. Prayer ministry is a part of the recovery process that can be utilized to reach one’s God-given potential. For over 15 years Chris relies on a community-team approach to help people reach their goals for joyful recovery.

The combination of prayer ministry and community support provide the endurance to successfully process pain, overcome addictions and resolve problems associated with trauma, immaturity and painful relationships. These problems include spiritual, emotional or mental hindrances. Chris trains churches and communities to build joy, learn gentle protector skills, and perceive Immanuel that results in a high-joy atmosphere for all.

Consulting Leadership Teams
In addition to Share Immanuel ministry, Chris trains leaders and couples to perceive the active presence of God as well as stay effective and resourceful in their ministry, marriage and relationships. Chris advises and directs individuals, couples and communities to apply the Life Model and Joy Starts Here training so they adapt with change and grow in transformation. Chris equips groups to identify weaknesses and utilize their strengths so they reach their potential in Christ. Chris provides consultations with churches and groups on how to effectively introduce maturity from the top down, avoid pitfalls, stay resourceful and rebuild after a crisis.

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